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  • How the Commission of Government affected the Newfoundland and Labrador fishery.
  • In June 1948 the people of Newfoundland voted by a small but comfortable margin to join the Canadian Confederation.
  • The cod fishery continued to dominate the Newfoundland and Labrador economy during the period of naval government despite dramatic changes.
  • Although the British Government had attempted in 1775 to limit residence, within 50 years it conferred colonial status upon Newfoundland.
  • The saltfish industry in Newfoundland, as a cyclical extractive industry dependent on an open-access resource, went through multiple periods of boom and bust.
  • >The 'fishing admiral' was a label assigned to the first ship captain who entered the harbour at the start of the fishing season.
  • Since the mid-19th century, many Newfoundlanders thought the key to a prosperous future was a free trading relationship with the United States.